Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Beatles Yellow Submarine Lego set: A Review

I was fortunately to receive the Beatles Yellow Submarine Lego set over the past weekend and I am excited to tell you about it in tonight's review.  

Let me start off by telling you all that besides making something that I used to call "a house" out of Legos as a child, I really do not have any background in making things with Legos.   I have never owned a Lego set before and I really wasn't sure what I was in for.

John was there the whole time cheering me on!

As tempting as it was to just let the set mint in the box and never open it, I am glad that I decided to take the plunge.   First let me tell you about the box.   It is really nice.  It is sort of like a shoe box and it is very colorful with images of the Yellow Submarine.   Inside of the box has a little treat.  On one side is the cartoon yellow sub Beatles peering through portholes and on the other side is the same thing only with the Lego version of the Yellow Sub Beatles.

The whole Lego set is extremely well organized.   There are 5 separate baggies, each labeled with a number.   The booklet takes you step-by-step through each bag.   There aren't any words in the booklet, just pictures to show you exactly what to do.   I was surprised how easy it all was.

Here is a photo of the baggies before I jumped in and got started

It took me two evenings to put the entire thing together.   There were times where I got a little lost and had to backtrack and re-do a few steps, but over all it was a challenge, but not so challenging that I got frustrated and wanted to give up.   The most difficult section for me was the stand that the submarine sat on.  It is all white and I got confused.   I started to get frustrated with it and had to take a break and come back to it later and I was able to get it all correct.    I was really surprised as a Lego "newbie" how you would start to put something together and thing to yourself "what on earth is this?" and then suddenly it starts to look like something on the sub.

After bags 1 and 2 were done, it was starting to look like something--but I wasn't sure what!

When you read through the instruction booklet, you find out that the two main guys that worked on the project are mega Beatle fans.   And it became obvious because of the great detail that is in this set.  Inside of the submarine is a clock, and a calendar set to 1968, a steering wheel that moves and yes--even a button for Ringo to push (even though he was told not to).   It is pretty neat because you can take the top off the submarine and see the inside stuff and have your Beatle guys sit inside.   How much fun would this have been to play with when you were a kid?   I can just see a child acting out scenes from the movie.

The best part of the entire Beatles Yellow Submarine Lego set is by far the Beatles characters.   Lego really should sell these guys separately, because I am sure many fans would buy them who aren't interested in the entire Yellow Submarine.   Each of the Beatles is holding what he is holding at the end of the movie.

Also included is a figure of Jeremy--he holds a green apple.

I really love this set.  I know some fans are complaining because it is "another Yellow Submarine collectible" and they want more music.    I dont think we should be so picky.  I mean we got a new Beatles album and movie this year.    I think it is time to release this Lego set to get the next group of kids interested in the Beatles.   What a great way to get introduced to the band!   It is a fun Beatles item, which is something I dont' think we see very often.

If you would like to purchase the Beatles Yellow Submarine Lego set, or if you were planning on buying it online, could you do me a favor?   Could you order it through this blog?    You all know that I do not make any money off the blog, but I got this great opportunity through Lego and I thought I would give it a shot.   I was a little nervous, because what if I hated the set?  But luckily I honestly thought it was really cool.   Anyhow---a percentage of each set bought through this blog will go back to me.   I really would like to be able to use the money to pay for the fees that I pay out of my pocket to keep the blog running.   I really thought it was a win-win for everyone.     If you click on the link (just click on the photograph)  it will take you to the Lego website.  It is set for the UK, but you can change the location and it still works.    Let me know if you have any questions.   Thank you!

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