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Beatle fans in Palladium battle with Police

Beatle fans in Palladium battle with police
Nice Davies
October 14, 1963

Five hundred screaming teenaged girls besieged the Beatles pop group in the London Palladium yesterday.

Then the twang of a guitar was heard from inside the theatre....

It was the signal for fifty girls to charge the emergency doors and gate crash a rehearsal of TV's "Sunday Night at the Palladium."

the four Beatles watched as the whooping girls stampeded through the back stalls towards the stage.

Stars, attendants and TV technicians tried to block their way.   Then somebody threatened to use the fire hose on them.

The manager, Mr. David Wilmot, dialed 999.  And as the police ran into the theatre the girls ran out.

The top of the bill Beatles -- John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were forbidden to leave the Palladium.

Said John, "We were going out for lunch.  Instead we had roast lamb, potatoes and sprouts served in our dressing rooms."

Early yesterday afternoon the Beatles' fans again started massing on the streets around the famous variety theatre.  

Some were crushed against the stage door as those at the back pushed forward, trying ot hear the beat of the Beatles inside.

At 2:30pm, the police moved in.

Two inspectors, leading a force of twenty sergeants and constables, walked slowly towards the girls.

The twisting, shouting fans stood their ground for a moment then backed away.

The police broke the crowd into small groups and gradually emptied the street.

But the fans weren't finished yet...

Shortly before dusk they were back again brandishing pictures and record sleeves of their idols.

The Beatles who all come from Liverpool, told Palladium chief Val Parnell that they wanted a stroll before the performance.

He said, "I'm not risking letting you out.  It could be dangerous."

So they popped their heads round the stage door to have a look at the fans massed outside.

There was a tremendous screech and the girls flung themselves at the gate just in front of them.

But police helped by a commissionaire, held them back.

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  1. That top photo looks like the police in America, not England. NYC perhaps?