Thursday, October 20, 2016

Early photo traders

I love things like this!   We know that this is a photograph of John Lennon with Margaret Hunt, who wrote one of my absolute favorite book about a fan meeting the Beatles.    However, when you look at the autograph on the back, you see that John made it out to "Marie" and not to "Marg."

It seems like this photo was from the earliest days of Beatles photo trading.   I love this because I still to this very day trade Beatles photos with other fans.   Every week I am trading rare Beatles photos on facebook messenger or email.   But in 1962, fans traded photos in person.    Fans would get photos taken with one of the Beatles and get extra prints made and trade them for photos that others fans had taken of themselves with one of the guys.   Marg and Marie traded photos.   Marie got this one of Marg and John, which she got signed and Marg left with one of Marie and one of the guys.  

This photo and autograph can be yours for $5,000 (or best offer) on ebay right now!


  1. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! oh man, I love super early finds like this!

  2. Love seeing this photo of John with Margaret Hunt. I own three things that used to belong to Margaret: Her 1962 Beatles Fan Club membership card, her 1963 Cavern Club membership card, and an original deckle-edged photo she had (and may have taken herself) of the Beatles playing a show at the Assembly Hall in Mold, Wales on January 24, 1963.

    1. That's right! I had forgotten that you had those items, Mark. Having emailed back and forth a bit with Margaret over the past year, it makes it even more special to see this photo again.

  3. I read this book recently and love the photo. I wonder if she ever located her photo from Hamburg that her mom borrowed? I'm sure she was heartbroken. I'm also curious as to what was drawn on it by John.