Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Paul and Ringo's live Facebook chat: A review

This morning, September 14, 2016, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr did something they had never previously done:   the answered questions on a live Facebook chat.   Along with Ron Howard, they spoke for about thirteen minutes.  Fans from all around the world sent questions through Facebook comments.  And unlike other forums similar to this one, fans were to ask the guys questions about the Beatles because the entire reason for this live chat was to promote the Ron Howard documentary about the Beatles touring years, "Eight Days a Week."

Ringo and Paul along with Ron were inside Abbey Road Studios and were interviewed by Edith Bowman.  Both Paul and Ringo looked relaxed and healthy.  Ringo was supporting a tan, confirming that he was vacationing in Malibu and not in rehab again.

It seemed a bit silly to conduct this interview before Paul or Ringo had seen the finished film, however; they did a ice job answering the questions and giving Ron Howard the chance to put in his comments as well.   I know the questions came from fans, but they were basic questions and not different than what I would've expected from an interviewer.   However, I am sure it was a thrill for the few fans that had their questions asked to hear Paul and Ringo respond.

There really wasn't anything new discovered in the interview.  Ringo told the same joke about how on their one day off a month Paul would have to judge a beauty contest.  While nothing new was uncovered, there was something almost magical about watching Ringo and Paul together talking about the Beatle days.

My biggest issue with the interview was with Edith Bowman.  Her Scottish accent was at times difficult for me to understand, plus her voice wasn't very loud.  That being said, she did display energy and kept the interview moving.

The last question was about why the title of "Eight days  a Week" was chosen for this documentary about the Beatles touring years.  This has been a questions going around in Beatle fans circles since the title was announced.  The song that the title comes from is one that the Beatles never sang in a live concert.   Ron Howard gave an answer about how he wanted people to know that the film was just one part of the Beatles' story.  Ringo then encouraged Paul to tell how he came up with the name of the song.  Paul tells a story we first heard through the Anthology about how he had a driver who said he was working "eight days a week" while driving Paul to John's house.

In watching the interview, it hit me that moments like these won't be around much longer.  It was great to see these two old friends talking about their band.  I have a feeling this is an interview we will remember for a long time.


  1. Ringo and Paul are so precious together and am so thrilled that they can share their memories as part of the greatest band that ever will be

  2. they spoke for about thirteen minutes? seriously? how many questions did they answered? 2 or 3? or 2 and a half? I think people only lost they time because it's one in a million that their questions get an answer

  3. Here's "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" played by CrazyCello !
    Enjoy it !

  4. Wow, is there a way to see this online? I've been searching haven't found anything yet.

    Yeah, you're right Saracadabra, we aint going to have them forever. THIS YEAR reminds us of that more than anything, huh?

    On the other hand.....watching Mel Brooks talk about the late great Gene Wilder makes me think.....maybe we WILL have some of these guys around forever! Mel is still spry and young-at-heart, like Paul and Ringo!

  5. Ok, found it, if anyone wants to see it, it's right here.

    Thank you Sara!!!! I have been out of the loop....I come back on and immediately have a 13-minute addition to my collection! The saga continues! :)

  6. Wow, I just saw it, yeah.....even with them telling the old stories.....they tell them because that's what they're memory is! I should let them off the hook, i tell the same stories over and over again.

    Thirteen minutes,thought, wanna bet that it was Ringo who said "just make it 15 minutes" lol.

    You're right, she did an amazing job keeping the interview going......I'm amazed how much they crammed in!

    I like it when they say "we liked him as Ritchie on Happy Days" LOL!

    Also, when Paul does "Blue Suede Shoes". "If I just go....its one for the money....they don't look at me like what song are we playing?" lol.

    Really nice and yeah, strangely bittersweet, though they BOTH look SUPER good and SUPER healthy. Ringo!!! And Paul too! But Ringo is Dorian Grey!!!!!

  7. Oh my god, you guys have to watch this, this is SO funny! I don't know if Ringo is kidding and just being deadpan or if he's telling the stone cold truth.....but according to him, they were great when they played Minneapolis!!! LOL