Thursday, September 22, 2016

John and Yoko at the New York Film Festival

These photos of John and very pregnant Yoko have been in my files for a very long time.    I recently discovered the People magazine with the top photo that had a caption that stated that it was from the New York Film Festival.

So I looked up information on the 1975 New York film Festival and discovered that it took place in October of 1975.  That means that these have to be the last photos of John and Yoko taken before Sean's birth on October 9.  


  1. My information tells me it was actually September 27, 1975 at the premiere of the documentary "Grey Gardens", filmed by The Maysles Brothers, as part of the 13th New York Film Festival at the Alice Tully Hall in the Lincoln Center in New York.

  2. The photos were taken September 27, 1975 at a screening of the Masyle Brothers' "Grey Gardens" documentary.