Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Encounter with Paul

Written by Keith Denemark
From the Fab/March 1985 issue of "The Write Thing"

My meeting with Paul and Linda McCartney all started when I received a phone call from New York on October 12, 1984.   The phone call was from a representative of Roger & Cowan's International Relationship Consultants.  I was told that I was selected through Paul's Club Sandwich mailing list to meet Paul when he comes to Chicago.

October 17th, I received another call from Roger & Cowan.  I was told to meet Paul tomorrow afternoon at the Ritz Carlton at 160 E. Pearson, 12th floor at 1:15.

October 18th I arrived at the hotel at 12:55.  Waiting on the main floor with Gwyn Ashley.  she was another person who was picked to meet Paul .   At 1:15, Gwyn and I went up to the 12th floor.  Couple of minutes later, Linda was walking towards us.  I removed my copy of "Linda's pictures" from the bag.  After she signed it, we had to wait about five minutes.  During that time, I was talking to Denis Golden and Gloria Rossi.  Five minutes past, the representative of Roger & Cowan brought us up to Paul's room.  Getting off on the 28th floor we walked to room 2819.  Walking into the room, Paul was not to be found.  Then Paul entered.  First he started shaking our hands.  Then he said, "why don't you all sit down on the couch next to me and tell me what's new."  I started taking pictures of Paul and Paul with the other fans.  then I was sitting next to him.  I gave him a drawing of Rupert the Bear and him, and he also signed some albums for me.  I had some pictures taken with Paul.  and then there was a photo session for the Club Sandwich.  After that photo session, I had my picture taken with Linda, too.

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