Sunday, September 4, 2016

10 Reasons why you should not miss out on Beatles at the Ridge this year!

September is here and that means one thing for me--it is almost time for Beatles at the Ridge in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas!       If you have been following this blog for the past few years, you will know that the 2-day Beatles festival is one that I just love to attend.    And here are 10 reasons why you should make your way down to Walnut Ridge, Arkansas yourself and see what the excitement is all about.

10.   It is FREE!   Unlike most other Beatles festivals around the globe, the Beatles at the Ridge festival is completely FREE.   It is free to park, it is free to get autographs from the guests, it is free to hear the bands.    No one can complain about the price of the tickets, because there isn't a price!   Of course you will want to bring along some money because you will want to eat something while you are there (I recommend the Dark Side for sandwiches and ice cream or the dinner that serves 'Beatles burgers and onion Ring-o's) and you will want to spend money on the Beatles goodies and other vendors.

9.   Liverpool Legends.    On Saturday night the Beatles tribute band, Liverpool Legends will perform.  I am not big on Beatles tribute bands, but I do admit that Liverpool Legends are one of the best ones I have heard.      They take you through all of the Beatles periods in music and costumes.   These are the guys that were picked by Louise Harrison herself and they have a permanent gig down in Branson, MO.      The Liverpool Legends aren't the only band.  There are 2 stages with live music being played through the day and night.     There is also a talent contest with all sorts of great talent.   If you like live music, Beatles at the Ridge has got it covered!

8.   Beatles-themed town.     Everything in Walnut Ridge is all done up for the event in Beatles theme for a contest called "Tye-dye the town."    From large cut-outs of the cartoon Beatles, to a big yellow submarine, and every store front painted in Beatles, peace and love---you will want to make sure your camera is working and ready to go!

7.   Good Ole' Freda.    I sure hope that many of you have seen the amazing Beatles documentary, "Good Ole' Freda" about Freda Kelly, the Beatles fan club secretary.    There will be a showing of the film at this festival this year.   There is nothing better than watching a Beatles film in an air conditioned building with other fans.    And afterwards Cameron Hicks will be leading a Beatles sing along!  Fun Beatles times!

6.  Aaron Krerowicz.    Aaron is a Beatles music expert and has a great amount of knowledge about the guys.  He is doing a "lunch and learn"  (bring your lunch and learn something new) about the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.    Come learn more about the music of these two British rockers!

5.  Me!    Yes, I will be at Beatles at the Ridge this year with my book "Happiness is Seeing the Beatles."    There is going to be a book release party for the book, which means that there will be cake!   I love cake!    After the party, I am going to have a presentation about what is in the book that will have audio and a short video.    I am holding a raffle for a 1966 Beatles tour book for anyone that buys the book during the festival.    

4.  Lanea Stagg.    Lanea will have McCartney tea with scones and lemon curd during her "a Day in the life of a Beatle!" presentation.   Lanea is the Beatles food gal and makes great treats that everyone always enjoys.   

3.  Jude Southerland Kessler.    You know that I just love Jude!  She has became a great friend over the years.   She is a true Beatles fans and her love of John Lennon makes me like her even more.    She gives some of the BEST presentations of anyone out there!    This year she is talking on Friday night about John Lennon's Liverpool.    She has traveled to Liverpool many times and her talks takes you right back to the streets of Penny Lane and Lime Street.   I am really excited to hear her again!

2.   Ivor Davis.  Ivor knew the Beatles.   He traveled with them during the 1964 North American tour and was with them in 1965 when they met Elvis.   Ivor wrote as "George Harrison" for a newspaper.     His memories of that time are funny, insightful and makes you want to hear more.    Ivor is speaking on Friday night and you will fall in love with this amazing man. 

1.  Beatle friends!   This will always be my #1 reason to any Beatles event!   Nothing is better than Beatle friends!   I am excited to get together with the friends I met last year and at the Paul McCartney concert in Little Rock.   I am anxious to talk Beatles with others who love the Fab 4 and are just as excited about the new Beatles CD as I am.    If you have never been to a Beatles event and are shy, it is alright.   You automatically have friends when you come to Beatles at the Ridge.   Beatle fans are amazing and we aren't the type of group that doesn't welcome new people.   The more the merrier!    So even if you don't want to buy a book, don't be scared to come up and chat with one of the authors.   We all are just Beatle fans like you and want to talk about John, Paul, George and Ringo because that is the reason we are there!

I hope to see you at Beatles at the Ridge on September 16-17, 2016.  For more information, go to

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