Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Toronto fans remember

I went to see The Beatles in Maple Leaf Gardens in 1966. I enjoyed the show and went to the King Edward Hotel afterwards because I knew The Beatles were staying there.  I milled about in the lobby for awhile until a tall man with blonde hair and glasses approached me and asked me if I wanted to meet The Beatles.  I said I did, so he took me upstairs, right past the guards and into the Beatles’ suite, which was on the 7th or 8th floor.  I was nervous and almost fainted when I entered the living room of the suite and there were Ringo, John and George watching television with some friends.  Everyone was so friendly and normal; it was like sitting around with a group of friends at home.  Ringo was funny—he kept making funny remarks about the movie on the telly.
I had a drink and talked with the man who brought me upstairs.  His name was Mal and he was very kind to me.  He took me over to one of the windows and we looked outside at all the people down in the street below.  What a sight!
George had some relatives visiting him…an aunt and uncle, I believe.  His uncle was a jolly man who liked to tip a few drinks of whatever George wasn’t drinking.  John seemed to enjoy himself but was kind of quiet.  I guess he was a little weary from touring so much and having ot explain about that Jesus quote everyone kept nagging him about!  Poor John…When I think back now, it must have taken a lot of courage for him to face the whole of America, knowing the rage of the religious fanatics were in!
John went to bed, and after awhile I went into another room with Mal and we talked until 2 a.m.  IT was time for bed, so I left The Beatles’ suite and took a taxi home.  My parents were not happy with me getting home so late.  I was still a teenager then.  They couldn’t believe that I had been sitting around with The Beatles all evening –and my friends my friends at school couldn’t, either.  I had a special photo of them that Mal gave me to prove that I had been there!  I’ll never forget it…and the memory of what good people the Beatles really seemed to be!
--Sharon M.

August 17, 1966 was absolutely the last time The Beatles appeared as a band in Canada.  We stayed on the 7th floor.  The Beatles were on the 8th floor.  If you were staying in the hotel you were allowed to walk on their floor anytime.  We did not quite have the nerve to knock on the doors.  We did see an open door and a suit like they wore that night was lying on the bed when we walked past.  “Summer in the City” was playing in the room.
A bellhop told us he got all four of their autographs and sold them for $10.  He thought he had made an immense profit.
The Beatles arrived at the King Edward at 3:00a.m.  There was an enormous crowd to greet them.  It was so busy in the area that it looked more like a weekday than the middle of the night.
A small boy whose name was John Lennon was taken up to see The Beatle, John Lennon.
Ringo’s drumming during “Paperback Writer” drew a special ovation from the audience.
Bo Diddley was playing at a small bar in Toronto  while The Beatles were there.

I to went to see the Beatles in concert in Toronto Canada (which my older sister and I won at a store promotion in buffalo n.y.) We’re we are from. I remember spending that day getting ready wearing a granny mini dress and my first pair of fishnet stockings I even got to shave my legs with my older sisters electric shaver, just trying to look older then a mere 13 now when I think of it my sister was all behind this so I would look older so she could say to her friends she wasn’t taking her little sister. During the concert I remember the screams and after every song the beatles preformed the would bow down cool. After the concert on every corner there were crying girls and ambulances all around never seen anything like it. – Mary

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