Thursday, August 25, 2016

The last press conference

On August 25, 1966 in Seattle, Washington the Beatles gave their very last press conference as a group.    Many books, including Tony Barrow's state that the press conference at the Capitol Records Tower was the last one ever, but if you look at the Beatles schedule, the flew from NYC to LA and did the press conference, went to Seattle and did a press conference and then returned to LA and did not have any more for the rest of the tour.       The LA one was a MUCH better press conference, but alas, it was not the last one.  Seattle gets that honor.

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  1. Hi Sara, thank you for clearing up the press conference schedule. I mistakenly had the L.A. conference being held on the 26th but it was the 24th...funny how we are still figuring things out 50 years later!