Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Flying home

I found this about the flight from San Francisco to LA from Judith Sims.  I think what Paul had to say about touring in 1967 was interesting.   They were throwing out a few hints that they weren't going to ever tour again, without coming out and saying it.    A year later the Beatles would prove how they were a good recording band when Sgt. Pepper was released.

On the plane heading for L.A., The Beatles faced another hazard of their particular profession – lack of privacy.  They were forced to change from their stage suits to regular clothes in front of just about everyone, but they handled it discreetly.  They’re past masters at handling lack of privacy with aplomb.

Since I hadn’t had time to speak with Paul in San Francisco, he sat down next to me on the plane, and we talked all the way back to L.A.  We discussed the possibility and probability of a 1967 tour, and he talked in great lengths about tentative plans.  All four Beatles want to cut down on their performing time so they can concentrate more on recording, which they feel is their best way of expressing their creativity.  “We’re not very good performers, actually,” he said.  “We’re better in a recording studio where we can control things and work on it until it’s right.  With performing there’s so much that can go wrong, and you can’t go back over it and do it right.”

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