Monday, August 15, 2016

Beatles lure Big Crowd

Beatles thrill 32,161 at Washington concert
Associated Press
August 15, 1966

The Beatles, steering clear of amateur theology, resume their North American tour today having send thousands of Washington’s teenagers into cheering fits.

Under elaborate police guard, the unshorn quartet performed last night in D.C. Stadium.  The turnstiles clicked a total of 32,164 and the affair went off practically without incident.

Five members of the Ku Klux Klan, proclaimed their objection to Beatle, Lennon’s remark about Christianity picketed the stadium.

But the nearest thing to violence was when a 16 year old youth eluded the police cordon at 3rd base, streaked to the bandstand at second base and laid a hand on three Beatles before being collared.  He explained that he just wanted to touch the musicians because he admired them.

The concert punctuated by piercing cheers and screams followed a news conference. 

For the longest time THIS was the only photo I had from the Washington D.C. 1966 concert.  Four white dots on a stage

Beatles lure Big Crowd
August 16, 1966

The Beatles, trailing admires and apologies behind them, thundered through a one night stand Monday to the roaring of 32,000 fans.

The enthusiasm of the crowd at National Stadium belied the need for apologies from the millionaire singers’ outspoken member, John Lennon, who has said the quartet was “more popular than Jesus.”
During the performance, four girls and a boy broke through heavy police cordons surrounding the musical group in an effort to reach the stage placed behind second base in the baseball infield.  Only the boy was able to reach the stage where as he raised his clasped hands in a victory sign, he was grabbed by police and hustled away.

Five members of the Ku Klux Klan paraded outside the stadium in protest over Lennon’s remarks on the dwindling popularity of Christianity.   

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