Sunday, August 14, 2016

3000 Beatles fans Wreck Cleveland Baseball Field

3,000 Beatles Fans Wreck Cleveland Baseball Field
Associated Press (Cleveland)

The Beatles barely missed being mobbed last night as nearly 3000 screaming teenage fans surged the stage at Municipal Stadium.  The show was halted for about half an hour as the Beatles raced into a trailer behind the stage, set by the baseball diamond.

The crowd milled around the stage for about 15 minutes before returning to their seats at the urging of police and disc jockeys.  “We’ll stop the concert unless you move back,” the disc jockey yelled into a microphone on the stage.

Stadium officials said the screaming fans caused extensive damage to the Indians’ infield.  They crushed a small fence police used to try to hold them back.  About 100 of the 150 policemen on duty at the Stadium to control the crowd of more than 24,000 rushed to the field to restore order.

The fans squealed their usual comments about the quartet – particularly about John Lennon, center of the controversy about a statement he made recently that the Beatles are more popular than Jesus.

“I love them all, especially John – he’s the brainy Beatle, you know,” said one fan.

Beatle Paul McCartney’s rendition of “Yesterday” was the only time during the concert that the fans remained quiet. 

Police reported no arrests or injuries. 

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