Monday, July 4, 2016

The blip

After that first concert, Tony Barrow felt like he had seen enough.   He witnessed uniformed police with wooden batons beating fans who were standing behind a fence to see the Beatles.   They weren't hurting anything, just standing there watching and Tony could not stand to see these kids knuckles get hit so he decided to go back to the Manila Hotel instead of staying for the 2nd show.

He got to his room and turned on the TV and it was then that he realized that the Beatles not going to that luncheon at the palace was a big deal.    Imelda Marcos was on the television saying all sorts of terrible things about the Beatles not showing up that afternoon.   Trying to fix things, Barrow contacted the television station that was going to show a half-hour show about the Beatles concerts later that week and asked if they would broadcast an official statement from the Beatles.   They agreed and so he wrote a statement for Brian Epstein to read on the air.

Mysteriously, when Brian got to the station and read the statement, there was a "blip"in the sound and the Filipino community did not get to hear what the Beatles' manager had to say.  

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