Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Beatles go to Rikhi Ram

The Beatles had been listening to Indian music during the 1966 world tour quite often.   People that were around them recall hearing Indian music being played in the hotel rooms and on the yacht in Manila.    The Beatles newest album that hadn't been released but had been recorded had an Indian song on it.   And so it wasn't shocking that the Beatles, especially George Harrison, wanted to go to to the premiere Indian music store in India, Rikhi Ram.     All four Beatles went to the store (including Ringo, who some people claim wasn't there) and tested out the instruments.   George had a sitar lesson while he was there.   A lot of photographs of the Beatles at the Rikhi Ram store were taken, including some nice ones of the guys with people at the store.

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  1. This is one of the coolest shops in Delhi. I visited this shop back March over the course of two days and basically just hung out with the Rikhi Ram family. And yes I did purchase a sitar to bring back to London. I practice pretty every night. Do visit this shop.