Sunday, July 3, 2016

Manila Press Conference

Many people claim that the Beatles never gave a press conference in Manila.   But they did.  It was at the Philippine Navy headquarters and it sounds from what I have read that it wasn't too much different than any other Beatles press conference from 1966. 

When photographers were taking the Beatles photos before the press conference started, John tried to make them laugh by yelling out "Woof Woof."    While Ringo danced around saying, "shall we dance?"    

This small photo is the only one I can find from the photo shoot before the press conference that day. 

They were asked about being far away from the fans when they exited the plane and they claimed that they weren't hiding from the fans, but instead the fans were hiding from them.   Some of the questions the Beatles were asked included:  "Would you be as popular without your long hair?  When did you last get a haircut?  how much tax do you pay?  How do you solve the Vietnam War?"  For that question, George answered, "Give it back to whoever deserves it."

They were asked about the name of their latest song and one of them said, "Philippine Blues."   One reporter asked John what he meant by the word 'Spaniard' in the title of his latest book.  John asked her, "Have you read it?"  And she responded no and John told her, "Then read it."

One newspaper stated that "John Lennon peered over his arrogant nose at the crowd."   And someone else said that he liked Ringo the best because "He gave serious answers and was respectful.  But his taste of clothes is atrocious.  He wore a maroon jacket with white stripes, foulard shirt and pants and shoes that defy description."

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