Monday, July 4, 2016

Another concert that night

As is typical of Beatles concert, not much was written about the evening Beatles concert in Manila.   We know that another 50,000 fans were there---maybe more.   Meaning that in one day the Beatles performed for 100,000 people!   That is pretty amazing!

They sang the same songs as they did during the afternoon performance.    It must have been extremely hot and humid that evening because in the few existing photographs the Beatles  (well John and Paul) were sweating more than usual.  

After the concert they must have realized something strange was going on.   The limo was there, but gone were the police escorts and the gate to get out was locked.   Tons of people jumped on top of the car with the Beatles inside and pressed against the windows and rocked the car back and forth.   They could not understand what the people were yelling, but they could tell that it wasn't the normal "We love you Beatles" that they were used to.    They somehow made it back to the hotel in one piece and called it a night.

However, the police did make an appearance---at the door of Vic Lewis, the guy that worked with NEMS and Brian and helped with the tour.   The police took him down to the station and interrogated him.    All the while Vic explained that it was a misunderstanding and he laid the blame on Brian Epstein, saying that Brian was upset and angry the entire time and he was the one that didn't allow the Beatles to attend the luncheon, not him.   Vic was interrogated until the sun came up--and by the time he was allowed to go back to the hotel, he had serious concerns about the safety of the Beatles.

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