Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Wings Girl

I don't know about all of you, but I get tired of the same old same old when it comes to who gets picked to go up on stage to meet Paul.      I am tried of seeing the same people up there.  I am tried of seeing pretty girls that want tattoos.   I am tried of engagements.   And I am tried of young girls who "picked between a new car and Paul".   (Really?   Paul concert and a new car should never cost the same amount).  

What I love to see is new and fresh ideas make it onto the stage.    The guys a few years ago that had the Abbey Road and asked Paul to join them---that was awesome.    But this lady's costume is the best yet!    In Paris during the One on One Tour, a beautiful fan created the costume of the "Wings Girl."    She is seen predominately on the "Wings Greatest Hits" LP, but you also see her in the background of "Back to the Egg."    Cosplay isn't usually a "thing" in Beatle fandom, but maybe it needs to be, because this is just amazing!   I am so glad that she got her chance to show off her costume to everyone and to meet Paul in the process.  


  1. The girl's name is Marya Bondar and she is from Ukraine.

  2. The cost of the cocerts are outrageous. I spent 250.00 and Paul was about 1 inch tall, when he was in view. I felt I gad to see a Beatle during my lifetime, but I would never do it again. Front row tickets were 6000.00 I was told.