Monday, June 27, 2016

The Beatles in Alaska

The Beatles were not able to make it to Japan on  June 27, 1966.    According to a ground service agent at the Anchorage International Airport, the Beatles' plane was scheduled to land in Anchorage, Alaska at 1:45 p.m. for their plane to refuel.      It wasn't a hurricane named Kit that stopped their plane from continuing, but a problem with the plane's hydraulics system.    It wasn't a difficult repair, but the Beatles' plane couldn't take off again because it would have landed in Japan after the country's curfew.     And so Brian Epstein had to figure out what to do while the Beatles sat on their plane for a few hours.

By that time, radio stations in Anchorage started to announce that the Beatles were at the airport.   So by the time the Beatles' emerged, fans were at the airport ready to see them get on a chartered  bus.

A huge amount of fans started to follow the bus to the Anchorage Westward Hotel, where they would spend the rest of their time.    The guys were a little ticked off and very bored.    They ordered in hamburgers and  George goofed off with a Polaroid camera.

Meanwhile up to 500 fans were outside of the hotel singing "We love you Beatles" and other songs.  Some tried to get very creative in their ways to get the Beatles' attention.

Because it was during the time when it remains daylight for 24 hours in Alaska, the girls did not leave and the curfew was not strongly enforced because the fans weren't doing any damage.

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