Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Beatles' dark suit concert

If you have been a Beatles fan for a long time, you will remember the concerts of the Beatles in Japan.    They were often on homemade VHS and were faded in color.   The first one was called "The black suits concert" and the second was called "the white suits concert."   It was well known that the black suits looked better and the white suits sounded better.      Of course as time went by, we learned that what we thought were black suits were really green!  And the white ones had orange stripes!  

Today I watched the "dark suit" show from 50 years ago.  I wanted to see if the Beatles really sounded as bad as I remembered.    And what I found is that George sang out of tune more than the others and Ringo has a terrible scowl on his face several times.  I also discovered (which I had forgotten about) that the microphones used by Paul and John kept moving while they sang.   They messed with those mics more than anything and it wasn't helping them perform.  

Here are some photos from this iconic concert.   Enjoy!

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  1. Apparently the F4 were so horrified at how their first Budokan set sounded that they did something they hadn't in quite a long while before their next performance there:

    They rehearsed !! ;-)