Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The 10 Best Beatles books to celebrate the summer of 1966

As we start this week remembering the 50th Anniversary of The  Beatles in the crazy summer of 1966, which happens to be my all time favorite period of Beatles history, I thought I would outline my personal favorite Beatles books on the topic.    I am including the Amazon links as well.   Enjoy some summer reading!

10.  Beatles in the News 1966 by Colin Barratt  -  This book is a great overview of the news in the UK about the Beatles taken from newspaper articles.  

9.  Beatles Invade Cincinnati by Belmo -  This book is also a scrapbook type book, with a lot of newspaper articles, but it just focuses on the Beatles in Cincinnati.    There are some great photos included!

8.  The Bravo-Beatles-Blitztournee by Thorsten Knublauch  This is the only book written about the Beatles tour of Germany in 1966.   There is a ton of great information and photos in the book.   A must have for all fans of the Beatles touring years.

7.  Tomorrow Never Knows:  The Beatles Last Concert by Eric Lefcowitz and Jim Marshall:  This book is mostly amazing photographs of the Beatles and fans backstage and performing during the last concert at Candlestick Park.   Since we can't get in a time machine and go back there ourselves, these photos are the next best thing!

6.   The Beatles in Cleveland by Dave Schwensen:  A really great book that described the infamous Cleveland Beatles riot of 1966 in detail that you wont' find elsewhere.

5.  Happinesss is Seeing the Beatles:  Beatlemania in St. Louis by Sara Schmidt:    Details about the concert that Paul McCartney considered to be the worst concert the Beatles ever performed.

4.  Eight Days a Week:  Inside the Beatles' Final World Tour by Robert Whitaker   This beautiful photo book of Robert Whitaker's photos documents the Beatles in Germany as well as the far East.

3.  Revolver:  how the Beatles reimagined Rock n Roll by Robert Rodriguez    The album the Beatles released during the summer of 1966 was of course Revolver and Rob Rodriguez's book on the topic is an awesome description behind the writing and recording of this great album.

2.  Ticket to Ride-  the Extraordinary diary of the Beatles' last tour by Barry Tashian  This book is written by Barry Tashian, who was a member of one of the open acts on the Beatles US tour in 1966.  The book is based on his personal diaries from the tour and is full of great stories and photos.

1.  Some Fun Tonight (volume 2) by Chuck Gunderson:    If you do not have Chuck Gunderson's book in your Beatles book collection, I will question what type of Beatle fan you really are.    And if you say that you can't afford the, well I  have great news for you!   They are new available in paperback and you can buy them separately!     So save up your money and get your hands on these books.  Maybe you would like to start with Volume 2, which covers the 1965 & 1966 North American tours in amazing detail.   There are photos in there that I promise you have never seen before!


  1. If you do not have Chuck Gunderson's book in your Beatles book collection, I will question what type of Beatle fan you really are

    Another Question when you never know simple things about the beatles do you reall a fan of The beatles sam Thing????

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