Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Remembering Carla Lane

Linda and Carla in 1988

If Linda McCartney had a best female friend, it most likely would have been Carla Lane.   Carla was a Liverpool gal who wrote several British sit-coms that those of us in the United States aren't too familiar with.    However, from what I understand her shows, The Liver Birds, Butterflies and Bread were pretty cutting edge and very funny.

But it wasn't her work on television that made Lin and Carla BFF's.    It was the love they both shared for animals and their dedication toward vegetarianism.    Carla liked to rescue animals and soon Linda was doing the same.    The two friends spent a lot of time at the McCartney house in Peasmarch cooking vegetarian meals, chatting and looking after the animals.

In 1988, Linda and Paul made an appearance on Carla's program, "Bread."  

Paul on set during the taping of "Bread" in 1988

Sadly, Carla Lane passed away yesterday, leaving behind a legacy not only as a pioneer in history of British television, but also a pioneer in the fight for animals rights.      Somehow I like to think that Linda was waiting on a horse to greet her.

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  1. Linda set two of Carla's poems to music: "Cow" and "The White-Coated Man." Paul produced and played on Linda's recordings of the songs, which include Carla speaking. Both songs are included on Linda's "Wide Prairie" album.