Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Promotion with the Beatles

I am not sure who this girl is.  She could be a musician or a model.   But regardless---posing in front of the Beatles posters was a great idea because it sure made me stop and take a look!


  1. I think it is Buffy Sainte-Marie.

    Here is another photo that looks like it is from the same day:

    Scroll way down on this web site - it says the photo was taken in Greenwich Village in 1964.

  2. I found another photo of Buffy Sainte-Marie - again, likely the same day:

    This one says it was September 1964

  3. And one more:

  4. What a great set of photos. In the ones Jim linked to you can almost sense the passers-by vaguely sensing that some incredible change in fashions and attitudes is underway. Even the classic beatnik Washington Square beatnik featured in one of the photos is going to be overtaken.