Sunday, June 26, 2016

A meal with some old friends

After the press conference, the Beatles had a meal and got to talk and have photos taken with some of their friends from the Hamburg Days.    Those that were present backstage in 1966 were Icke Braun (and his wife at the time Evelyn Hamann), Bettina Derlien, Kathia Berger (who Paul always called "strawberry") and Jochen von Bredow.

Bert Kaempfert also made an apearance and there is a photo of him and George (reportedly from the June 28, 1966 issue of Bild magazine) was taken.  Paul spoke with him and congratulated him on his hit song, "Strangers in the Night."  Tony Barrow recalls John singing a line of the song to Bert, whereas Bettina recalled that John refused to speak to him.  

Paul and Kathina "Strawberry" Berger

John with Icke and Betty.  You can see Kathina's artwork in the background


  1. Betty was the girl-friend from John during the Hamburg time. After becoming famous he dropped her, Paul and Ringo continued the frienship till she died.

  2. interesting to see some of the people that were in their lives

  3. First time I have come across confirmation that Bettina Derlien has since passed away (I expected as much, of course, after all these decades have passed, although some folks manage to beat the odds).

    Does anyone know more details?

  4. I've met Kathia Berger, when I bought her autographs of The Beatles and got a small story of her meeting with Beatles. She has a homepage
    In a article in a Swedish magazine (Bild Journalen) she claimed she was going to marry Paul, but that never happened. She's a nice person and her story is sweet and true.

  5. I knew Kathia Berger, she was one of my mother's best friends. There was a photo of Kathia with Paul on the china cabinet. they looked like a couple. The story went around that Kathia brought strawberries to the Beatles, and because Kathia had red hair she called her strawberry. and that strawberry fields are forever inspired by her. Kathia Berger was outgoing and was there where it happened. she took everyone in tow. I also know Evelyn Hamman, she is also in the photo. Kathia and Evelyn have both been great examples for me.