Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Standing on Cavendish gates

I love this photo so much!  I have posted either a cropped version or a different version of this photo before.    I could try to figure out who the girls standing on the ledge of the gate at 7 Cavendish are, but I would rather leave that to be a mystery.     I just love everything from the baby pram to the milk bottles.  


  1. One of the "Apple Scruffs" - Emma, was it? - worked as a nanny and was often caring for a young child in a stroller ...if I'm remembering correctly (from Carol Bedford's book).

    Could this be one of the girls at - or should I say on - Paul's gate ??

  2. Neither of the two girls became Apple Scruffs. The girl on the right is Diane one of the later regulars