Thursday, May 5, 2016

Harrogate '63

Copyright:  George McCormick

George McCormick, who was the rhythm guitar player for Ricky Fenton and the Apaches, one of the supporting acts for the Beatles when they played in Harrogate, England on March 8, 1963 shared the top photo of the Beatles performance with the Harrogate Adviser after the bottom photo was printed.

In the bottom photo, the Beatles are seeing with the lead guitarist of the Apaches  but it has been unknown who the girls in the photo were.     George has a theory about the girls, He said: "If you look closely at the picture, it look like the same girls. It would make sense if the same fans who managed to get to the front also managed to get to meet The Beatles in their dressing room."

He also shared with the newspaper about how he invited the Beatles over to his house after the show. 
He said: "Our band was in the dressing room with The Beatles before they went on stage chatting about guitars and music. They were nice guys, very humorous."I asked them if they wanted to come to my parents in Starbeck for maybe a buffet and a beer.

"No one said anything. But John, who was like their spokesman then, said to me "we'd love to George but we've got to be down in London to record tomorrow morning and then we've got another gig tomorrow night."

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