Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Family and Friends


  1. Is it true that Paul had some heart surgery a couple years ago? I just read this in a news article.

  2. Is than Stan Gortikov, former president of Capitol Records second from right? (MarkZapp)

  3. I always thought this pic may have been taken during the Aussie 93 tour, maybe with his Brisbane family.

    Yes, Paul had heart surgery in 2007, I think stents replaced blocked valves.

    1. If so, why dont we see any scars on Paul's body? I have sean many many photos since 2007

  4. May 20, 2016
    I was working at the Dolphin Brasserie London UK at the age of 22 as a Commis Chef. I had just finished College in Toronto and headed to London to start my apprenticeship. I landed a job working under Aidan Mcgrath.
    I had the pleasure of meeting Paul and Linda McCartney on that very special day in my life September 9, 1987. We had just finished preparing and serving the meal to Paul and his entire group of guests. The kitchen crew and service staff was huddled in the kitchen around a large serving platter reaching for a well deserved pint of lager. The kitchen door swings open and who walks in, Paul and Linda McCartney to shake our hands and thank us for the meal and service.
    I was so surprised by their generosity and thoughtfulness to take the time to meet us. The fact that they would not forget the kitchen crew and service staff really said a great deal about the type of people they were. I could only reach out and shake their hands, how honored and star-struck I was. I felt so lucky to have met one of the Beatles – how many people can say that! I knew then it would be moment I would remember for the rest of my life.
    I recall one of the service staff, she was from Australia I think her name was Jennifer, she asked Paul to sign a menu and he did with delight. I was frozen for those few moments, I wished I had my camera and or had been quick enough to have Paul sign a menu. Well that’s life -- 29 years later, a few days from now on May 23 I will turn 51 and still hold that Kodak moment in my mind.
    I returned to my duties in the kitchen to prepare for the next service time. I could hear Paul signing and playing the piano. I took off my apron and step into the dining room to see Paul jam for a few moments. Man, I have really had a back stage pass that September day!
    On July 1st, 2016 I will return to London with my wife and two teenage daughters on vacation. I will take my Family to lunch at the Dolphin Brasserie and maybe revisit the kitchen where I met Paul and Linda.

    Cheers to all The Beatle fans,
    Thomas M. Keane