Monday, April 4, 2016

Take better care of your photos

When I see a photo like this, I feel very sad because someone did not take proper care of this photo of the Beatles' press conference in Detroit on September 6, 1964.    However, the good news is that enough of the photograph has survived that we can see see Ringo, John, George and Paul.  


  1. These are just Americans, the same idiots burned in 1966 their plates.

    1. How do you know for certain that an American owned this photo? And in 1966 they burned their plates? Really? 50 years ago Americans all over the country were ending dinner and burning plates! TV meals only from that point on!

      You really seem to hate Americans. I guess that is why you are always so mean to me and have sent me such nasty messages in the past.

  2. David Bowie was afraid of Americans but he did not hate them. Lol (MarkZapp)