Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ringo on Flo and Eddie

Much thanks to the John Lennon Lost Weekend Group on Facebook for sparking my re-interest in this story and sharing the photo.

On April 14, 1974 Ringo Starr along with Keith Moon and others appeared on the radio program known as "Flo and Eddie."    Flo and Eddie were really Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan who were part of the 1960's band The Turtle (Happy Together was their biggest hit).    When the Turtles ended, they joined Frank Zappa and worked on the film 200 Motels--with Ringo.    They discovered along the way that  for legal reasons they couldn't use the name "The Turles" or even their own names when recording music.   And so they became known as "Flo and Eddie."  

In the mid 1970's they had their own radio show with DJ Rodney Bingenheimer (who you will remember as the groovy guy that hung out with George Harrison in San Francisco in 1967) on KROQ in Pasadena, California.      42 years ago Ringo appeared at Midnight on the show  (right around teh time it was scheduled to go end) and started to take phone calls from listeners.    However, Ringo was quite drunk and uttered the F-bomb at least 15 times in a 90 second period while the pair was attempting to interview him.    Besides that Ringo caused the program to run over by 40 minutes.  The FCC got complained and looked into the matter and that was the end of the "Flo and Eddie" show.  

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