Thursday, April 21, 2016

Remembering Prince

I grew up listening and dancing to Prince music.    I wasn't a huge fan, but I did like the hit songs and found Prince to be an interesting character.  Songs such as "1999,"  "When Doves Cry,"  "Let's go Crazy" and "Kiss" were a soundtrack for my generation.     Like the rest of the world, I was shocked when I saw the news this afternnoon that he had died.    How unexpected and extremely sad for his family, friends and fans around the globe.

Prince had to have been a Beatles fan because he would perform Beatles songs from time to time.   There are clips out there of him performing "With a little Help from my friends" and other songs.   The most popular and outstanding time he performed a Beatles song was during the 2004 induction ceremony into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.   Prince was inducted that year as was George Harrison.   And as is customary, all of the inductees perform songs together.   One of the songs performed that night was George's "While my guitar Gently Weeps."   On stage was Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison and doing a remarkable and perfect guitar solo:  Prince.     His solo made that song an amazing tribute to George Harrison and almost made you wish he was around in 1968 instead of Clapton!  

Last year, during the SNL after party, Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift (along with Jimmy Fallon) performed 'I saw her Standing there" and "Shake it up."     Prince also performed "Let's go Crazy" that night.   And while I couldn't find a photo of Prince and McCartney together, this photo shows Prince with Abe (Paul's drummer) in the background.

I want to send my deep condolences to everyone in the Prince fan community.    I am so sorry for your loss.  Not only the loss of the man himself, but the loss of the concert experience and music.   From one fandom to another----we are here for you!



  2. Beautifully said, Sara.

    "Raspberry Beret" is so obviously John Lennon, though Prince never liked to admit it. But when sings "I think I looooove her", that's totally John!

    Prince liked to downplay the Beatles' influence on him, actually....he said he didn't even know "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" when he did that tribute (which is hard to believe!)

    Either way....he was an artist who followed his muse, carved out a niche for himself, and was a great, great musician, nobody in the world can deny that.

  3. I love Prince, and was lucky enough to see him live a couple of times in the U.S. - AMAZING performances. It's just beyond sad... What a talent! R.I.P.