Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hayley Mills and the Beatles

Being a 80's kid, I remember when VCRs first came out and everyone taped just about anything that was on television.    I am not exactly sure WHY we did this, but it was common place.   Three movies that I taped off TV and watched over and over again was "Pollyanna,"  "The Parent Trap" and "The Trouble with Angels."    I just adored Hayley Mills.  She was cute and had such an adorable accent.

Ms. Mills celebrated her 70th birthday a few days ago and so I decided to find out a little bit more about Hayley and her Beatles connection.

Hayley came out right away as  a Beatles fan in 1964.   Although I don't think she sounded too great of a fan saying that they weren't good looking or good musicians.    However, Beatles fans already were Hayley fans and after she said she loved the Beatles,  well---it didn't hurt her popularity any.

In March of 1964, Hayley's mother arranged for her to have George Harrison be her date for a charity performance of a film.   It was some sort of an auction and a date with a Beatle was the prize.   By then, George had just met Pattie and wasn't interested in almost-16 year old Hayley Mills.   But the next month, Haley appeared again with the Beatles (well all except John) at the Pickwick Club where she was photographed chatting with Ringo.   The press had a field day with that, and rumors flew like wild that Hayley and Richie were dating.  

The last connection that I know about is in 1966 Paul McCartney wrote the musical score for Hayley's film "The Family Way."    I am not sure if Paul and Hayley met each other during that time, although it wasn't necessary since she was the actress and he was supplying the music.  


  1. lovely lady and like you Sara, I loved her early movies; and how lucky was she to be escorted by my forever favorite man George Harrison

  2. The Mills/Beatles connection continued in the 90's. Hayley's son Crispian is/was the singer for the Indie Band Kula Shaker. George gave him permission to use a sample of a Wonderwall track.

  3. The article states, "In March of 1964...George had just met Pattie and wasn't interested in almost-16 year old Hayley Mills" but since Hayley was born 18 April 1946, she was almost 18.

  4. I love The Beatles and Hayley Mills. I get what she said about them not losing the common touch. But, they were/are great musicians. I think she was stressing their non-virtuoso quality, which was true. They were about creating songs and atmosphere over showing off, which is why they were and remain huge. They worked so hard.