Monday, April 11, 2016


Anyone know what is happening in this photo?  Where it was taken?  


  1. CMIIW but I think it's a horse race. Their horse, Drakes Drum was running. Jim and Angie were there too but I don't see them in this shot.

    1. That is what I thought too! But I don't remember Mike being in the other photos I have seen from that day.

    2. The only photo I've ever seen from that day besides this one, is in Hunter Davies' biography. That one has Mike in it as well as Jim, Angie and of course Paul.

  2. from thegilly Paul, Jim (and I think that’s Angela with her head turned) with Drake’s Drum, the racing horse Paul had bought for Jim.
    Mike McCartney:
    At the midnight hour Paul produced a painting out of thin air and, presenting it to Father, said ‘Happy birthday Dad, all the best.’ It was the 7th July and Dad was sixty-two.
    'Thank you, son. It’s very nice,’ said dad, a little bewildered.
    'It’s a horse,’ added Paul.
    'I can see that, son,’ Dad was still confused, 'It looks lovely.’
    'It’s not just a painting… it’s a horse. I’ve bought you a bloody horse.’
    My father, a lifelong racing man and inveterate small stakes gambler, just stood there with a one thousand pound horse in his hands murmuring, 'You silly bugger,’ as hugs were exchanged between father and number one son.
    This was the beautiful climax of a never-to-be-forgotten day for the McCartney clan.
    Two years later Drake’s Drum came first in the race before the Grand National at Aintree Racecourse*; nowhere near the iron, but within horse-shoe throwing distance of Dad’s brother Joe’s house. In all, it won over three thousand pounds for us… not bad for a painting.
    (* Paul and I had £1 each was on 'Drakie’ and when he came in at 20 to 1 (the field) we collected our winnings like two little kids on Christmas morning.)

  3. Fantastic!

  4. Jim and Angela had a lovely time in their lives with this horse - Angela is a very nice person to this day