Wednesday, March 16, 2016

With a little luck we can work it out


  1. Wow! I've never seen this one... See what I mean about their tailor making them outfits with the same fabric? John had a shirt like that. Also the green flowered one John wore at the Sgt. Pepper launch at Brian's house (which had ruffles) and Paul had one which didn't have ruffles. (Boy fans notice guitars, girl fans notice outfits...)

    1. Correction! Musician fans notice guitars! And girl musicians notice both!


      This blog, and in particular you, Sara and the other "original" fans....has taught me so much about what they wore.....and it was certainly something THEY cared about, so it's extremely helpful and eye-opening and now, I notice all the pictures, oh, that's the Apple jacket, or that's "the" jacket (the one John wore on the 2nd Yesterday and Today album cover).....I always loved these shirts though, even when I was little, looking at the MMT booklet! Thanks for all the fascinating info about these iconic (to me, anyway) shirts!

  2. It's a shame men don't wear this nowadays. Though the label Pretty Green has a fair collection of Paisley and "psychedelic" shirts.