Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Two lovely people

Pictures like this one is the why I do this blog.    Seeing one of the Beatles in a photograph with a fan just makes me so happy.  


  1. This fan is Linda Bruce. She is British, and along with Barbara (New Yorker) found out where the boys were filming Magical Mystery Tour and spent all those days there with them. They have wonderful photos and stories. I've stayed in contact with Barb all these years, but not Linda. Barb and her are still friends so I know how she's doing. I love these kid of photos too, Sara!

  2. Too bad every one that ever waited outside either EMI/Abbey Road Studios or Apple never collaborated on a book of first-hand stories, along with the photos they took at that time! I would certainly buy it!

  3. Check out Carol Bedford's 'Waiting For The Beatles' book, which is very rare and hard to come by. She was an original Apple Scruff. Highly recommended reading.