Sunday, March 20, 2016

Such glamour at a memorial

October 17, 1967:   Brian Epstein's memorial service.


  1. This is not George and Pattie's court appearance - it's from when they attended Brian Epstein's memorial service in St John's Wood, 17 October 1967.


    1. Sorry guys---this photo wasn't supposed to be on the blog when it appeared. I had posted it as a "draft" file (or so I thought) and was going to check out the information when I had more time. I must have accidentally hit "send" instead of "save" and was quite shocked to come home and see it posted!

  2. Correct: Anonymous -----March 31th 1969-George wore a navy blue suit and Pattie wore a crimson velvet jacket. The couple were each fined £250 plus 10 guineas each in court costs, and were put on probation for a year.-----

    Under this Pic must write George Harrison & wife Patti Boyd arrive at memorial service for Beatles manager Brian Epstein following his death October 1967

  3. George's parents also went to Brian's memorial service which was very respectful

  4. great photo. George is so effortlessly cool.