Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Linda's photos of the four

Photos by Linda McCartney 

These photos are currently available as part of Tracks Auction.


  1. looks like a very unhappy lot

  2. It kind of gets tiring hearing of how unhappy the Beatles look or were during the filming/recording of Let It Be. If you look at most photos of them throughout their career recording as Beatles, they were usually not laughing hysterically. They were working. Ringo is especially pointed out as looking unhappy or bored while recording. That was just the way he was. They even made fun of this ion the American tour books from 1964-1966 stating that he was currently in the process of teaching his face to smile. Too many Let It Be photos show the group seriously listening to a playback and being called bored to emphasis the tension at that time. Just wanted to get that off my chest for the last 20 years or so. MarkZapp