Sunday, March 13, 2016

At Madison Square Garden

This is an interesting photo.  Here we see Pattie Boyd and Chris O'Dell along with Harry Harrison in the  background.   They are walking backstage  at Madison Square Garden during the Concert for Bangladesh.  

Note:  This photo was originally found online where it was incorrectly identified as being from the L.A. forum during George Harrison's 1974 Dark Horse Tour.   This didn't make sense because George and Pattie were separated at that time and George was with Olivia while Pattie was with Eric.   After some discussion and research, it was discovered that the photo was from the concert for Bangladesh.  As always, I am sorry for the confusion, but mistakes like this is how we learn and find out new information as Beatle fans.


  1. Not 1974...backstage MSG Aug 1970 Concert for Bangladesh. I believe Chris O'Dell posted this and later admitted was confused on dates. Pattie was not in LA in 1974 at that time.

    1. No THAT makes a lot more sense! I guess where I found the photo did not have the corrected information. It is a great photograph though regardless of where it was taken.

  2. Hi- You might want to re-edit the post so it does not show the original text as it is confusing and unhelpful