Thursday, February 4, 2016

Paul's housekeeper before Rose

Before Paul hired Rose, Mrs. Kelly took care of things around Cavendish.      It was kind of Paul to write her a recommendation letter when she left.  


  1. Supposedly fired because of either planning to or actually selling their story to a austrian newspaper. I would love to see that story (if it ever made it). BTW PID-theory says fired because of the danger that they would spot Paul being a replacement - there is this page (supposedly from Mal`s book) that describes the event of the firing and the return of "Paul". No, I don`t believe any of this but interesting nonetheless.

  2. Funny, I remember her husband, Mr. Kelly, we called him "Stick" and he was pretty nasty but I don't remember her...

  3. seems that jane asher is only one who hasn't cashed in on her past with paul

    1. Sha has been quite classy about the whole thing and I'm sure he very much appreciates it. She must know some interesting stories...