Monday, January 18, 2016

The photographer in the photo

You know those meet and greets that Ringo has every so often?  The ones where you pay something like $2000 and get to have a brief meeting with Ringo, get an autographed artwork and a photo taken with him by a professional photographer?   Well pictured here is one of the guys that was hired at one of the stops to take the photos.   When the night was over he asked for his own photo with Ringo, something he has never done when he has photographed a celebrity, but---come on--it's a Beatle!


  1. Embarassing that Ringo does these things...

    1. Really? I think it is sort of neat. I might do it if he held one of these events close to me.

  2. love Ringo but seriously - $2000? I don't make that a month.