Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lounging in the Bahamas

These great snaps of George and Pattie in the Bahamas are currently up for auction .   They are very neat and I would really love to know the story behind them.  

There has been a bit of speculation that these shots might have been taken when George and Pattie went to the Bahamas in December of 1964.     I believe that these are indeed from 1966 because in 1964, George's hair was pretty shaggy and while his hair is wet in these photos, it still doesn't seem to be as shaggy.   And most importantly, Pattie's autograph reads "Pattie Harrison" and not "Boyd" which shows us that the newlywed was signing her first autographs as Mrs. Harrison.


  1. That is Pattie in the second photo?! Weird.

  2. there are other photos of Pattie with her natural hair colour also