Tuesday, January 5, 2016

All in the family

That Mike McCartney's first wife   girlfriend, Celia with Ringo's parents and George's dad.


  1. She looks a lot like his girlfriend Celia, who also went out with Paul. Mike credits Celia with turning him on to Dylan. Celia told Mark Lewisohn that she once went on a weekend trip to London with Paul where she witnessed him trying to come up with the lyrics to I Saw Her Standing There. She was 17 at the time so she thinks the first line was inspired by her, plus she says they danced somewhere, so she thinks the line about dancing through the night was also inspired by her. I'm sure you and anyone else who read Tune In knows this already, so I'll get back to my point that the girl in the photo looks a lot like Celia. Is it possible the photo may have been mislabeled maybe? Just wondering, because I have pictures of Mike's first wife and she doesn't look like this girl.

    1. I wasn't totally sure if it was his first wife, but went with the caption I found online. It most likely is Celia and somehow got twisted that Mike had married her.