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A young French Girl Dreams of meeting the Beatles...

I try my best to find rare and interesting photos and stories to share with you all, and sometimes that means attempting to figure out things in languages other than the only one I speak.    I found this French story and using Google Translate, tried my best to translate it into English. 

If you are someone that can read French, here is the link to the original story 

A young French girl dreamed of meeting the Beatles ...
Published February 6, 2014 by Daniel Lesueur

It is the pleasure of a journalist to reveal a scoop, a real one, accompanied by the documents attesting to its authenticity. It was 50 years ago, a young admirer of the Beatles lived in London, close to Paul McCartney. . Here is the true story of a young French girl who, four times, met the Beatles in the 1960s Our article is illustrated by photos and autographs.  Small pieces of paper of great value ...

Here's what Christiane wrote, we will respect the her anonymity, but tell our readers that she now lives in the south of France:

- I was born in October 1948 at the Hotel Dieu on the island of the City which is always my spiritual anchor. My family had  four children, very close together, hence the strong ties despite geographical distances kept over the years.

But will you tell me why Britain especially at that time? 

This is due, as often, at random. We all four were staying in a youth hostel in Rimini, Italy, where we met a British student who gave us his address in London. With the French school holidays being very long, we thought whether to travel to Germany or to London, not knowing what to do with the passing days.    My sisters had the idea to go see "The Beatles"

My sisters and I were admirers of the two biggest British bands of the time: The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.   We were living in London and learned that Paul McCartney lived in the district of St. John's Wood. We went  walking around the neighborhood, hoping to see him. Most of the time, instead of Paul, we saw ... his  housekeeper who went out walking the dog.

 Muswell Hill / Alexandra Palace (North London), where we lived,  was easy to reach St. John's Wood and the great house of Paul McCartney where a handful of very young fans laid siege (especially on the perimeter wall - view the photo). I could hear "get off here" from the other side. But who spoke? Not the housekeeper who went out walking the large Sheepdog.

Paul McCartney looked more surprised that people could spend hours there, hence his dubious expression.

Christiane continues the narrative of his adolescent memories:

- On August 24, 1967, we finally saw Paul through the gate of his house and he proved extraordinarily nice, to the point, for me, agreeing to sign the back of a postcard of London I had on me. But we want to spend more time watching for him!

I enclose, for the record, two photos found of 1967 (Paul McCartney at the door of the beautiful home of St. John's Wood / London. The young profile blonde girl is my sister,  Eliane (subsequently, has married a British London).

A second meeting in 1968
"I saw the Beatles in 1968," continued Christiane. "It was September 13th. I remember Ringo Starr, he was cheerful ... The signatures were given to us at the reception at the building of the Abbey recording studios where the Beatles came in. The fans' had not been too pressing, Paul McCartney and George Harrison were very relaxed to give us autographs. John Lennon, he refused to give us autographs. He did only the insistence of Yoko Ono who said "Oh John, they are just kids, show give it to them "In the entrance of the building was a glass door and, on leaving, John Lennon,  already annoyed, made it bounce on Yoko Ono who smashed into the door.

That day, I also obtained the signature of Mal Evans, at the time their road manager.

I saw the Beatles third time the document is signed "Love to Christine," 16 October 1968. And a fourth time April 9, 1969.


  1. Wow, Sara, thanks for taking the time to do all the work translating and typing!! Great stories!