Monday, January 4, 2016

40 years without Mal

It was exactly 40 years ago today that for whatever reason, Mal Evans was killed.     Over the years people have speculated and conspirasized about Mal's death.    But today I think we just need to put all of that aside and remember Mal for who he was while he was alive.    Mal was one of the few people that went through everything the Beatles went through---although he did it behind the scenes.  He was there with them in the Cavern Club (where he was a bouncer), traveling around the UK, helped with the beginning of Beatlemania, was at every recording session, tour, party, photo shoot---you name it--Mal was there.

And Mal was there for the Beatle fans.   Maybe he would be there with hot beverage or just to chat, but from the touring years until the very end, Mal was always there for the fans.    They say that he reluctantly went to Beatlefest in 1975 and didn't think anyone would want to hear what he had to say.  He was blown away by the positive response that he received by everyone there.   I think if Mal had lived, he still would have been blown away by the Beatles fandom.     So many fans, even 40 years later have found memories of him.    Thanks Mal---


  1. Saw Mal at that Fest: he was having a blast! Later sat at a table adjacent to his downstairs in the famous Oyster Bar; didn't want to bother him while he was eating, but he nodded and smiled. I think he smiled the whole weekend! I was so looking forward to his book...absolutely shocked when he was killed.

  2. Hi Sara, the girl with Mal is Janet Rudman. R.I.P. Mal.