Thursday, December 24, 2015

War is over (if you want it) 2015 edition

When I look at all of the things John and Yoko did over the years, I honestly can say that I don't understand most of them.  But the one that I do understand and totally stand behind is War is Over (If you Want it).    Yoko must also think highly of this campaign as she has brought it, or some form of it, back many times over the years.  

For me, War is over (if you want it) is an opportunity for me to take time to think about changes I need to personally make in my life.   Who have I gone to "war" with this year?   Who do I need to make amends with?   Who do I need to show extra love or compassion towards.    Who needs to be forgiven?   I am not sure if that was John or Yoko's intentions or thoughts back when they started this in 1969, but it is what I do each and every year.    I am just one person and I alone cannot stop a war, but I can make changes within myself.     I hope this holiday season you take a little time to ask yourself similar questions.   Just think if everyone made a few minor changes and reached out in love to one another instead of hate, what a big difference that would make in the world.   I think John and Yoko would agree.