Thursday, December 17, 2015

This will be worth thousands of pounds in 50 years boys


  1. Having watched Ringo's auction live, within 5 minutes, Ringo's copy of the 'White Album' sold for $650,000.00! Every one of the lots that were up for sale (there were 1367 of them) sold way over the estimates set by the auction house.It came as little surprise that Jim Irsay would buy Ringo's drum kit,George's Gretsch,Ringo's snare, etc. that guy has money to burn! Everything The Beatles touched sells for amazingly high dollars or yen....

    1. I won one of Ringo's performance shirts. I will be sharing photos of it whenever it arrives. Whoever did the estimates was way off. Even I knew that a pair of cufflinks with stars on them worn by Ringo would be worth more than $100