Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Winners

According to the book, Beatlemania  by Martin Creasy, Jerry Stevens presented the Beatles with two Top Stars Special awards during the concert in Sheffield.   The got these awards for being voted the most popular group of the readers of the newspaper and for Help! being voted as the most popular song of the year.

Creasy says that Jerry Stevens remembers this about giving them the award:
The Sheffield Star said they were presenting the Beatles with an award and as I was a local guy on the show could I do it?  I said yeah, that would be great.   They published a picture and it is one of my proudest pictures -- there I am up on the stage surrounded by the four Beatles.   I remember John saying to me -- I'm not sure if it was that night-- that it's terrible playing your home town.  He didn't really enjoy playing Liverpool, he said, because so many people knew them.  A lot of people in showbiz felt like that, but I was quite surprised when he said that, though I knew exactly what he meant.

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