Saturday, December 12, 2015

The last concert from a UK tour

The last concert from a UK tour was given 50 years ago today:  December 12, 1965 in Cardiff.   Sadly only one photo (the strange one above) from this day has ever been  published.    Very little is even known about this particular concert.  However one thing was reported:  a man wearing a pink sweater somehow found his way from the audience and into the wings at the Capitol Theater.   While John was doing the introduction to "Day Tripper" this guy ran from the wings and onto the stage where he grabbed Paul and George and started wrestling with them.  Someone from security came onto the stage and the pink sweater guy ran off and disappeared into the crowd.   His antics stopped the show momentarily and Mal Evans was quoted as telling that press that "these things happen now and again."   No one was hurt and the concert continued.  

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