Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saving the Cavern

Information comes from the book Beatlemania The Real Story of The Beatles UK tours 1963-1965 by Martin Creasy.

In December 1965, it was announced that the Cavern Club on Mathew Street in Liverpool was facing foreclosure.    The city council was telling Ray McFall, the owner, that the club needed new toilets and a drainage system and Ray just didn't have the money to make the required improvements to the club.    With the Beatles coming back home on December 5, two 15 year old fans, Josephine McQuaid and Susan Hall were wise enough to stand outside of the Empire doors and hand out "Save the Cavern" leaflets to fans going into the theater.    Paul spotted the fans with a ticket and came out to talk to them about the Cavern!

At a press conference held before the show, the Cavern was a hot topic.   Paul suggested that the Liverpool council should  treat the Cavern as a tourist attraction "rather than an old warehouse."  (Good idea Paul!).  John said, "We don't feel we owe the Cavern anything physical.  All we owe it is allegiance."   George is quoted as saying, "We don't want to commit ourselves too much."   And Ringo had the best words in saying, "I think the ball is in Ray McFall's court in a way.  I'll be sorry if the Cavern goes because for two years or more it was the greatest club in the whole of Britain."

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