Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Remembering John 35 years later

35 years---can you believe it?   35 years since John Lennon was here with us on this earth.   And John's murder is STILL shocking.   It is STILL something we mourn and cry about.    I was flipping through a magazine the other day about the most shocking deaths in history and sure enough---John's was one of the top ones.   In some ways I am glad to it is still shocking and sad to people.   It means that murder hasn't became common place and that the fact that a terrible man flew from Hawaii to New York city with a gun in his possession for the purpose of taking another person's life is still, 35 years later just as terrible and heartbreaking as it was in 1980.

Every year it seems that there is more and more violence and hate.   Maybe it seems that way because of the way we get news is quick nowadays.   And I am not one to debate gun rights.  I have my feelings and opinions, but a blog about meeting the Beatles is not the place to air them out.   I just know that something needs to change in this country in regards to violence.    And the best place to start is with yourself.    How do you handle your anger and rage?   What can you do to stop violence in your life?    What do you do to spread the universal Beatles message of peace of and love?   

For me I think it means taking time to get to know people.   One of the best lessons my mom taught me was to make friends with all different types of people.   Do not allow things such as age, sex, size, color of skin, economic status, sexual orientation, religion, disability or background stand in the way of getting to know someone.     Step out of the box of just talking to people that look like you and get to know someone that is different.   Maybe if we all just get to know each other better and see that we are all humans with common desires and feelings, the violence will begin to slow down.   

I know that as Beatles fans we all stand together with one another and with Yoko, Julian, Sean and the rest of the Beatle family to honor John tonight.    Every year I look for a photo of a fan that shows what the fans felt that December.    This year I think this young woman says so much.   


  1. Beautifully said, Sara, and words of wisdom.....poor John. A drag, indeed. 35 years later, it's still a "drag".

  2. The loss of John is still shocking till this day. i still remember how glad i was in 1980 when his new tracks played at the radio, and how part of me died when i head the sad news. This tragedy show how such violence is unacceptable. Imagine what John Lennon could create in music and art in the years of life he lost.

    1. I also think how many laughs, jokes, one liners we all lost! Every single interview, every clip John was so quick-witted. He disarms you with his brilliant sense of humor. People like that we need in daily life.

      But that slimy little creature, the "jerk of all jerks", he took that away from humanity.

  3. was totally shocked that night when I heard that John was killed - had just recently been outside the Dakota waiting to see him and the restaurant he went to down the street ; his music will live on forever