Tuesday, December 8, 2015

On stage at Sheffield

Thanks again to the Beatles Book Monthly for taking these photos of the Beatles on stage at Sheffield on December 8, 1965!    These are really some of the best photos from this brief tour and without them, it would have been so hard to date other photos.

We were very excited at going to see them, but all I can remember is the continuous screaming and thinking that Paul had looked at me!  We were in the stalls, but really you couldn't hear anything other than the screams.  When we came out, we went round to Pinstone Street where there was a narrow passage behind the Gaumont.  It was filled with screaming girls looking up to a small window, believing the Beatles were there."  -Janet (from Beatlemania by Creasy)

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  1. the last McCartney pic with the trippy exposure is amazing, thx for posting