Monday, December 7, 2015

Manchester Memories

From the book Beatlemania by Martin Creasy

We were all standing on the seat rests when the Beatles came on.  It was the only way you could see anything because everybody was doing the same.  I wore glasses and was sharing them--passing them down the line--with Angela and Anne.  I remember George playing his Epiphone Casino that night and the Vox Continental organ on the right hand side of the stage that Paul used to accompany himself on "Yesterday."   I don't remember the other Beatles joining him on that.  I know the screaming went quite for a bit during that song.   It also went quite when they started "Nowhere Man."  There was the E chord and then people must have thought they were going to make an announcement down the mikes.   Instead they started singing, "Nowhere Man" acapella style and you could clearly hear that before the screaming started again.  I recognized, "I Feel Fine"--that was a favorite of mine.  You could recognize songs because you could hear snatches while the screamers paused for breath.  That is what it was like"  --Martin

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